I just wanted to say thank you for all that you have helped me accomplish in the last 4 1/2 months.  Hard to believe only 4 1/2 months ago you wrote me my first meal plan.  As of today I have lost over 31 lbs…strictly eating right with NO exercise.  I am half way to my goal of 60lbs.  I am so excited with this loss and have dropped 2 sizes.  I know I will hit my goal this year!  It feels so good not to shop in the plus size department anymore.  Thank you! I love you!”

-Sharon R.

testimonial-iconI was very athletic when I was younger. Over the years, I let other things get in the way of my fitness and health needs. I have always been small but neglecting my health took its toll and before I knew it I had fat in places I had never had before. Needless to say, I have tried many fitness plans, workouts, gyms, personal trainers, etc…to try and lose the giggle. I have had great trainers who made me work very hard. However, I was not fully committed so I continued to eat what I wanted instead of what I needed. I have tried food plans but no one ever educated me on why I should be eating certain foods at certain times and in certain portions. Along came Tamara…since I have been working out with Tamara I have learned so much about food and fitness. She answers all of my questions and never hesitates to explain things in detail. In October of this year, I decided to commit myself to two full weeks of Tamara’s fitness and food plan prior to going on a cruise. I wanted to see just how much my body would transform by eating all healthy foods and working out consistently. I honestly did not expect any real changes. I could not tell a difference at first but when I saw my before and after pictures I was amazed! The biggest difference was how much my belly trimmed down! I have continued working out with Tamara and making healthier food choices. She is the real deal!

-Angel S.

testimonial-icon Tamara is beyond amazing at what she does. She spends her time helping other people achieve goals they cannot do on their own. I have always been on the “thicker” side and struggled to lose weight. Either not enjoying the healthier options or not finding the motivation to work out. After my DR. said my cholesterol was dangerously high for being 24 and would have to go on medication, it hit me and I kept thinking what am I doing to my body.. I DID not want to go on medication and my DR. said you need to eat better and lose weight or take the pill so I said it’s time to get motivated. Tamara built my meal plan to food I enjoy eating, gave me work out plans that didn’t scare me just looking at what I needed to do. Following her meal plans were enjoyable. My weight loss journey started Feb. 2015 and by June I had lost 41lbs 3 dress sizes. I am still following her plans and have only 13lbs to my what I thought was my realistic goal. did not believe this was possible and in this short amount of time. Hiring Tamara will be one of the smartest decisions you make. As long you follow her guidance and are somewhat motivated you cannot fail. I started with low motivation after the first month seeing the results I was full blown motivated and had no desire to be a couch potato or eat unhealthy. Thank you Tamara!!

Nicole M.

testimonial-icon   Whoever said you couldn’t get a good workout in 30 min. via iPad with a trainer….lied! Tamara Barbee Savoie…. is the bomb!”

-Jodie E.


testimonial-iconIf you want to feel sore daily. If you want to know what it’s like to want to throw up during a workout. If you want to find out what it feels like to despise a longtime friend for being totally cruel to your body…workout with Tamara Barbee Savoie.

And if you like seeing guns starting to form…and your core being stronger…and your kick ass level go to an all time high.

-Dean W.

“I chose Barbeelove Fitness because I have experienced several injuries and Tamara is very knowledgable of how to work around them and customize my workout. What I like the most is the convenience of being able to work out at home and even  when I’m traveling. I have had to quit working out a  few times due to injuries, and Tamara has gotten me back into shape quickly after I recovered. My workouts are challenging enough to keep me progressing and Tamara really knows how to motivate me to push myself. I definitely feel as if I get more for my money, I get a personal trainer in my home and with me when I travel, customized meal plans and someone to call for advice and motivation when I need it. Tamara’s workouts are short and effective and her schedule is very flexible.

-Melissa H.

testimonial-iconIn 2005 I had back surgery on my lower back. After the surgery I was told this long list of “don’t do’s”, no mopping, no vacuuming, no lifting things over 5lbs, no standing for long periods, no sitting for long periods, etc. I was so afraid to do anything in fear of hurting my back. As the years past by me the “fear” kept me from doing a lot of things I should have been enjoying. I wasn’t able to enjoy things because I was so stressed out over what “might happen” to my back I pretty much avoided everything. As the “fear” kept me immobilized my weight began to creep up and up and up and up… to where if I did do something, for days after I would hurt from head to toe, because my muscles were so weak, my knees hurt and with the EXTRA pounds didn’t help any either. Then the “fear” would step in and I would think things like, “you should not have done that, then you wouldn’t hurt”! At my heaviest I was 267lbs on my 5’6” frame this is very obese. In January 2013 I started noticing that I would get winded walking the 20 steps from my house to my car. One morning I had a wakeup call I realized this was not the life for me, I wanted more. I started with small changes. I would park my car and walk to my mail box, instead of driving up when I pulled in the driveway. I know this seems like a very small step but for someone who got winded in just a few steps this was a big change. One afternoon on the way to the mail box I decided I would walk past it and to the stop sign and back, this was about 300 feet, at that moment it seemed like a whole lot to me… but I did it and the next day I did it again. Soon after this I started walking around my block. A block didn’t sound like much, but it was a mile. I would hardly make for the last 1⁄2 of the block, but kept pushing myself and soon it became much easier. I was doing insane amounts of research on line to help myself out. I learned that it burned more calories to push harder in one mile than to do a 2nd mile, so I began to jog for a few steps during my mile walk. This was very hard and one day I thought I was going to have a heart attack, I remember sitting down in some stranger’s yard thinking I am going to die right here, fat and out of shape! But I didn’t after a quick pity party I got up and walked home. I realized that I had a really long road ahead of me. During my research, I was obsessed with anybody who had anything to say about weight loss on facebook and pinterest. I “liked” it “Pinned” it, read it, printed it and so on and so on…anything I could do to motivate myself. Tamara with Barbeelove Fitness, kept posting things that really got to me she would post helpful hints about food guidance and exercises that I could try. She did not know I was stalking her every post. One day Tamara posted a picture of a very obese lady with a zipper down her front and a skinny lady stepping out of the obese one, she stated that “there is a healthy person on the inside of all of us”.

This really spoke to me, it was exactly how I felt I had all the desire to get healthy but I looked like that obese woman on the outside. I sent Tamara a message indicating how this got under my skin. She sent me back a message advising that she would be glad to help me. As we started our journey together at the end March 2013 she called me and we went over a lot of things about me, things that I had not admitted to anyone in a long time, things that I had made excuses for and things that I was afraid of. I was worried about my back, my knees, being hungry. She was very attentive to my fears and worries. She addressed each one with a logical direction on how we would handle it. We set up a time to face time a work out together on that next Monday. As my husband, family and friends are very supportive; they all accept excuses from me without reminding me of my goal. I was very excited to have Tamara in my corner, as she and I were friends I knew from our conversation that she would clearly hold me accountable for my actions, whether they were food or exercise. On that Monday we went straight to work, I was scared to death as we started. I quickly learned that there was no need for me to worry, as she had worked out a plan just for me. A plan to strengthen my knees, my arms, my back, my legs, I was able to move through the exercises without pain. Over the next few weeks she has had me doing things that I could have never seen myself doing. She has way more faith in my ability than I do. In the 10 weeks we have been working out I have grown stronger in many ways. Outside of the exercise she has changed my life. I am able to do things without complaining about my body hurting. I am able to work in my yard, plant flowers, shop all day without needing to sit on every bench I come to. I have stopped taking 800mg Motrin 3-4 times a day to not ever needing it. I was also on a sleep aid and have now cut that dosage in 1⁄2. I have lost over 5 inches in my waist and hips. I have lost several inches in my arms and legs and let’s not forget the double chin that is quickly disappearing. My eating habits have done a 180 degree turn I have learned that some things I thought were good for me were not, I have learned that I don’t eat enough for my body to burn calories, who knew a person could not eat enough, Tamara knew. Tamara also has sent me a meal plan to assist me in making sure I am not getting into an eating the same thing rut. I have tried new things and found that I really like them, and some that I don’t care for at all. If you are looking for a trainer she is the one. She is very attentive to all your needs, she will recommend solutions for any problem you may have. She is considerate of what is in your limitations and sets goals that are within reach. She will custom design a plan to help you achive your goals and get busy about enjoying your life.

-Holly L.

testimonial-iconBootcamp rocks!!! She had sweat running down my back and my knees crackin….I feel great. Wonderful way to start a day! Contact Barbeelove Fitness ASAP!

-Cricket H.


….I wanted to take a minute to say that even though you are “virtual” in the a.m., you are a VERY REAL presence throughout the days and weeks as I’m training.  I don’t think I’ve ever had a “real life” trainer (locally) that has been SO invested in well, ME!  Thanks for ALL you’re doing! I’m so excited I signed up for this boot camp!”

-Heather C.


Tamara beat my husband and I into shape ..not only did it help us get in shape she also taught us the proper nutrition ..she was with us personally every pound we took off..I recommend her to anyone that wants success,and keep it off..thanks Tamara!

Bob and April Savard


If you think “getting fit” requires a gym (or even going out in public!) you’re wrong!! Last year I was in the best shape I’ve been in a long time, and I worked out with a PROFESSIONAL EXPERT in the comfort of my own home. The workout was NOT comfortable, but I saw RESULTS! If you want one on one, no holds barred, get your butt in shape AND eat right with a meal plan she provides, then you MUST contact Tamara Barbee Savoie and ‪#‎barbeelovefitness‬. I need to get back on track with you SOON!”


testimonial-iconAfter experiencing a decline in my workouts over 4 months, I decided to try something different and found Tamara Barbee Savoie. Tamara is not only knowledgeable about exercises and strength training, but she also has a firm grasp on running and medical issues that I have had to deal with. She developed a comprehensive meal plan for me that accommodated my physical and medical needs. Tamara’s schedule is flexible and I love the convenience of being able to work out in my own home. Tamara is great at pushing me to work harder. She is enthusiastic and encouraging throughout the day, not just during the workout. I would highly recommend Tamara to any of my friends!

-Bobby W.

testimonial-icon Barbeelove Fitness is my go to source for all things health & fitness! She not only motivates my healthy lifestyle but, weighs in on all things related to make sure that what I put into my body is as healthy as the training of my body. On many occasions I have reached out to her for expert advice and have never been disappointed. She has helped me reach my fitness goals and stayed with me for years as I create new goals. She is up on all trends and weighs in truthfully on their impact on me and my health. I am grateful for this awesome source of information! Everyone needs a Barbeelove in their corner to reach their health and fitness goals!”

Nanette R.