Lap Band or Gastric Bypass vs. Eating Right and Exercising


Surgery for weightless or eating right and exercising?

Surgery for weight loss or eating right and exercising?

Many morbidly obese people in the United States have many choices when it comes to weight loss. There are not many that are actually SAFE for them in the long run. Two choices that I have encountered the most with clients of mine are eating right and exercising, OR Lap Band or Gastric Bypass surgery. Let me explain what Lap Band surgery and Gastric Bypass surgery actually are.

lap band

Lap Band surgery is usually performed inpatient or outpatient. The surgeon makes a few small incisions and places an adjustable silicone band around the top part of your stomach to restrict your food intake. The average cost of this surgery in the U.S. is around $15,000. This surgery is accepted by some insurance carriers provided that it follows their major requirements. There are after surgery costs related with this surgery as well and they can range from $75-$100 per visit for regular office checkups to $100-$300 for adjustments or fills. These extra costs may be covered by some insurance companies. Complications are not rare, and they are EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE even though your insurance may cover it.

gastric bypass

Gastric Bypass surgery is usually performed inpatient. The surgeon divides the stomach into a small upper pouch and a much larger lower “remnant” pouch and then the small intestine is rearranged to connect to both. Your stomach is smaller after this procedure, and you will feel full with less food. The food you eat will no longer go into some parts of your stomach and small intestine that absorb food.The average cost of this surgery in the U.S. is around $25,600. This surgery is also accepted by some insurance carriers provided that it follows their major requirements. There are after surgery costs related with this surgery that can range from $50-$100 before and after the surgery (visits to a Nutritionists), and new clothes because you lose weight VERY fast (price varies per person). Some of these extra costs may be covered by insurance companies. Complications are not rare and are EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE even though your insurance may cover it.

There are pros associated with both forms of Lap Band or Gastric Bypass (Bariatric surgeries) that may really appeal to someone who is morbidly obese. Some of these pros are the improvements to these and several more problems that the morbidly obese tend to face:

Orthopedic problems
degenerative joint disease
Polycystic ovarian syndrome
menstrual dysfunction
Sleep apnea
Stress urinary incontinence
weight loss
Cardiovascular disease
Diabetes (type 2)
Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)
Hypertension (high blood pressure)
Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

There are also CONS associated with each of these surgeries that should always be studied carefully before making a decision to have either of these surgeries:

blood clots
stomach and or bowel perforations
food trappings
reflux disease
hiatal hernia
intolerance to certain foods
difficulty swallowing
enlarged esophagus
cardiac arrhythmias
tubing complications
band leaking
stretching of stomach
collapsed lung
enlarged heart
repeated surgeries
chest pain
esophageal spasms

There are more things to be concerned about when having Lap Band or Gastric Bypass surgery such as the recovery time which can range from 2-5 weeks, depending on the person. Many weeks before either surgery, you must adhere to a strict LIQUID diet of approximately 1000 calories per day, and EXERCISE! After either surgery you must continue the strict liquid diet but this time you will only be able to hold a few ounces at a time. Once you are healed enough from either surgery you must STILL eat healthy (3 or 4 meals that consist of 3 to 4 ounces of food at a time) and you must still EXERCISE! These types of foods you will be able to eat are very limited because your stomach has been restructured, and once you begin whole foods they are not easily digested.
These surgeries often times require re-operation which can be costly especially if you have to take more time off of work. Many patients are sick a lot from their long term complications.

Losing weight fast is very characteristic of the Gastric Bypass surgery. This may sound appealing until it happens to you. Because you lose weight so fast, when you have reached your goal weight you are left with enormous amounts of sagging skin all over your body from your face to your ankles. This sagging skin needs to be removed to complete your transformation. This surgery is known as a BODY LIFT and it too is quite expensive with a long recovery time. The average cost of a full body lift here in the U.S. is around $30,000 (5k=breast, 9k=lower body, 4k=arms, 5k=thigh, 6k=face) plus 4-6 weeks recovery for each surgery that may NOT be covered by most insurance carriers. You will also need to have counseling because once your body rapidly changes you will need to change what is going on in your head as well.

Here is what may surprise you about eating right and exercising…


NO GYM  NEEDED for this LIVE ONLINE bootcamp!

NO GYM NEEDED for this LIVE ONLINE bootcamp!

You must FIRST hire an incredible Personal Trainer who also specializes in nutrition. Next your Personal Trainer will complete an assessment and design a fitness program JUST FOR YOU. In order for results to happen, you MUST follow your exercise and nutrition regimen as directed. This DOES NOT involve a 1000 calorie liquid diet, but it involves eating real balanced meals and snacks through out the day along with exercise at least 3 times each week. Here are just a FEW of the life altering PROS of eating right and exercising:

This involves NO extra time off of work
NO dealings with your insurance company
Actually changing your bad habits and creating new healthy habits
NO caloric deficits
Actually building muscle and BURNING fat
Removing and or greatly reducing all of the health problems that plagued you as a morbidly obese person
Setting a better example for all of the loved ones in your life
Getting the right amount of nutrients from food
Making your doctor proud (unless their income is mainly based off of performing Bariatric Surgeries…lol)
Decrease the need for a FULL body lift (you MAY only need one area lifted)
The ability to eat more than 3-4 ounces of food for each meal
Virtually ZERO stomach problems
Mental clarity
Decrease or eliminate depression
Better looking skin, hair, and nails
Decrease or elimination of prescription drugs and extra Doctor visits
You will spend A LOT less money (avg. cost of private Personal Training session=$8,580 a yr.and avg. group session=$2,500 a yr.)
NO SURGERY (No bleeding, infections, incisions, complications, malfunctions, ports, repeated surgeries, etc)

There are CONS with anything you do and eating right and exercising have some CONS that only happen if you are not under the supervision of the right Certified Personal Trainer who also specializes in nutrition. If you are not seeing results, you MUST ask yourself if you are really READY for this weight loss journey, and have you committed yourself to the process 100%? If so, then maybe you have to make sure that you have hired the right Personal Trainer for you and make that adjustment. The right Personal Trainer will be one that has several options to help you fit a healthier lifestyle into your busy life. The right Personal Trainer will also show you correct form with your exercises and get you a personalized meal plan that is MD, Nutritionist, and Dietician approved.

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