It is so HARD!

Living a healthy life is SO HARD

“It is so HARD!” is a sentence I hear quite a bit from some people who talk to me about losing weight and getting their life back.

“I can’t have any sweets?”

“No alcohol?”

“I can’t have any white pasta or white BREAD?”

“So you mean I cannot have any food that has ANY FLAVOR???”

“But Tamara, what will I do? How will I live? I have an insane sweet tooth! Can’t I have a FEW cheat days? My kids will not eat healthy! My spouse will sabotage me!! But we love to go out to dinner! I don’t have TIME to cook! I don’t know HOW to cook! My Mom/Dad/Aunt/Friend/3rd Cousin just keeps bringing junk into the house and I cannot resist it!”


"Elizabeth! I'm comin to join ya honey!"

You are an ADULT (and some of you even have children)! So start acting like one! You can do anything you put your mind to…this is not new news. It is called PRIORITIES.

You want to know what is really HARD?

**Going to the Doctor and finding out that you are not overweight, but you have fallen into the OBESE or MORBIDLY OBESE category.

**Having your Doctor tell you that your cholesterol levels are very dangerous.

**NOT going to the Doctor at ALL because you are afraid of what he/she might tell you about your declining health.

**Listening to your Doctor tell you that you are BORDERLINE DIABETIC, or have your Doctor tell you that actually have DIABETES.

**Non-exsistent dating life or a lot slower than you would like for it to be.

**Having your current relationship suffer deeply because of your weight struggles.

**Not having the social life you would like to have.

**Not being able to participate in the physical activities that you would love to with your children, family, or friends.

**Hating what you look like naked and with clothes on (swimsuit shopping is a NIGHTMARE).

**Always feeling tired, exhausted and or winded.

**Having a lot of issues with your back, knees, feet, heart, hips etc, because of the extra weight you are carrying.

**Not wanting to go to a gym for fear that people will make fun of you.

**Hiding behind other people everytime someone takes a picture, REFUSING to be in pictures at all, OR just using pictures of yourself from 10-15 years ago when you were thinner for all your social media sites.

**Pretending you are full when eating out with others, but in your mind, all you can think about is binging when you get home.

**Hiding junk food wrappers in the trash so others won’t see that you have been binging.

**Hiding food from your family so you can eat it alone later.

**Hearing other children tease your children because of their overweight Mom/Dad.

**Sitting on an airplane having a hard time buckling the seat belt, and feeling really uncomfortable in the seat.

**Listening to family or friends talk with you over and over again about your weight and how they are really concerned about your health.

**The broken record that you play in your head everyday that keeps you TRAPPED in this blackhole of weight loss failure.

**And, allowing almost all of your emotions to be governed by food. HAPPY=FOOD SAD=FOOD MAD=FOOD BORED=FOOD INDIFFERENT=FOOD!

I am sure I have missed a few.

What are YOU going to do?

Living like THIS is what is really HARD. Imagine the freedom you will have once you set yourself free! You have to look at food as nourishment for your body, not as a crutch to make you feel better for that moment. You will NEVER solve any of your problems with emotional eating and or overeating. Ask yourself, “Am I really hungry, or is there something bothering me?” If you are emotionally eating, then try sitting with those emotions, you might actually figure out a way to get through it. You were MADE to get through almost ANY emotional curve ball that is thrown at you.

Try this….I mean ACTUALLY TRY THIS:

-Pick a start date
-Write out your long term and short term weight loss goals
-Surround yourself with people who will support you
-Try journaling (read my blog about journaling for weight loss success)

Write down your long term and short term goals

-Clear your home of ALL unhealthy food
-Prepare your meals ahead of time to lower your failure rate

This is what preparing your food ahead of time should look like!

-Go out to eat ALOT LESS
-Last but not least, HIRE a Certified Personal Trainer who is also a Nutrition Specialist (such as ME!) to help you and just FOLLOW THE DAMN PLAN!


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Tamara Barbee Savoie 🙂