Before & After Client Photos

This gallery contains REAL photos of a few of my clients and their fantastic transformations they have made with the help of my personalized workouts and personalized meal plans. My plans WORK! The only thing that is constant is change, so let’s change your life today!


  • Slim down and trim down!

    This lovely client of mine only worked out 30 minutes a day four days a week for 60 days to have this fantastic transformation!

  • Slim down, trim down part two

    Here is the side view of her beautiful transformation over 60 days!

    Melissa 2
  • 30 day transformation front view

    She sees and FEELS the difference in her clothes as well!


    And what a view it is! She wanted a tighter tummy and she got it!

  • 30 day transformation

    This client of mine has an incredible 30 day transformation. She did what I asked her to do and her body rewarded her quite quickly and she LOVES it!

  • Sharon took charge of her life!

    Sharon forgot how beautiful she was! She took the personalized meal plan I created for her and ran with it! She has gone from a size 18 to a size 14!! Look out world she isn’t finished YET!

  • Saute those greens and fit in those jeans!

  • Lovely meals full of flavor!

  • My clients are so creative!

  • Dinner time!

  • Roasted celery...yum.

  • Veggie lasagna made by a fantastic client!

  • This grocery haul by one of my clients looks fantastic!

  • When you plan ahead your failure rate is extremely low.

  • More client grocery shopping so they can prep their meals.


  • Another version of my kitchen sink salad.

  • One version of my kitchen sink salad.

  • Have you joined my boot camp yet?

  • Grilled Cod with veggies on top. My clients ROCK!

  • Client meatball prepping.

  • Mother Nature gives us mushroom bonuses from time to time.

  • TACOS!

  • Veggies are good for your soul.

  • We like spaghetti squash a lot. Perfect substitute for pasta.

  • Partial meal prepping of healthy meatballs

  • Marinating chicken in herbs and spices are a must.

  • Grilled chicken for the nest 3 days

  • Nutritious breakfast!

  • My clients are serious about their shakes!

  • Part of a meal prepared by one of my clients!

  • 2 month transformation!

  • 2 Month transformation

  • This is a LIVE ONLINE private session...even her dog loves Barbeelove Fitness!

  • An amazing 4 week transformation from my amazing client!

  • Look at how her tummy flattened out more in just 4 short weeks!

  • Quite a few inches have been lost in just 4 weeks with Barbeelove Fitness!

  • This is a LIVE ONLINE group session with Barbeelove Fitness!

  • This is just a 2 month transformation ONLY using my meal plan!