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My business is BARBEELOVE FITNESS. I am a nationally Certified Personal Trainer, and Nutrition Specialist.
I got started in the fitness industry as an athlete in high school over 22 years ago. I have watched most of my immediate family struggle all their lives with diabetes, high cholesterol, and morbid obesity. I understand the struggle and I love helping others beat the odds. I am a mother, wife, sister, aunt, friend, personal trainer, psychologist, and a personal cheerleader for my clients and much more. I love waking up everyday and helping someone live longer and healthier. I believe that it is not just what you put into it, it is HOW you put yourself into it that makes you successful with your fitness goals.

I know you have heard of many many different personal training business out there however mine is quite different from the rest. I train people exclusively ONLINE and LIVE! What EXACTLY is LIVE and ONLINE training?  All you need to participate is a tablet, smartphone, laptop, or computer with a webcam and you are ready!  I use videoconferencing to see you and you can see me!  You never have to leave the comfort of your own home. So many people say that time is a huge factor in the reason why they do not work out. I eliminate that excuse. You can simply roll out of bed in the morning and workout with me! I do private training and live online boot camps. You don’t even have to brush your teeth or comb your hair!

Live Online group session

My brand is unique because I give you more for your money than the average Certified Personal Trainer. All of my clients are given a meal plan that is Dietician and Nutritionist approved specifically for you. I offer great referral programs, I give away awesome prizes to winners of my boot camps (Vegas vacation stays, tablets, heart rate monitor watches, t-shirts, free training, ebooks, and more!) that you will not get anywhere else. I take pride in being your number one source for the best fitness information out there, from supplements, to sleep, and from injuries, to nutrition!




My best selling product is my boot camps. Once you are in a boot camp, you are eligible to win one of 3 FREE Vegas vacation stays if you are one of the top 3 people to lose the highest percentage of body fat. Your training sessions with me WILL work if you are willing to do the work. I teach you a lifestyle of fitness…not just for a few months.

I would love for people to know that I understand their struggles and I care about their long term success. I am always there for my clients and they love me for it. working with me will leave you with NO regrets.

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Join the Barbeelove Fitness family and get in that bikini you have been looking at with pride!

Tamara Barbee Savoie

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